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Our methods are quite simple: we get together with you, work out what sort of web presence or IT system is best for you, and tell you how much it will cost. We don't make standard 499 web sites, we don't do 'buy one NOW get one free'. We do what is best for your business, and if, as has happened, we feel that your business is not yet ready to go electronic, or that we can't help you, then we will say so.

Each business is individual and is treated by us as such. Moving onto the internet for any business has a long term implication, and, like a puppy, it's not just for Christmas. Businesses don't look at new physical premises with the thought, 'oh that will do for now', and then throw their stock in. They plan the location, get the correct look and feel for the shop, they compare the cost of renting or buying, look at future expansion options. Moving onto the internet should be the same, and JCT Designs will help and advise you at each step of the process.

Some businesses will need to start slowly on the web, perhaps a simple brochure site aiming to generate more footfall in a physical shop. Others will want to develop and expand their customer base with newsletters and a simple on-line shop for accessories, with easy payment options. More established companies may require a full scale e-commerce site with high street bank type credit card facilities and a few thousand products for sale. Other companies may have a good existing web site and want JCT Designs to help them with internal on-line IT systems, or methods to utilise the internet to communicate between branches.

We design and build websites. We do search engine optimisation and then promotion via 'cost-per-click' options, (those boxes on the right on Google or sponsored links on Yahoo). We can, and do, run on-line advertising campaigns. We organise training, so that you can update you own websites or manage your own on-line shops. We use whatever method is appropriate to make the on-line side of your business a success.

Everyone at JCT Designs has run their own business at some point in the past. Most of us have a lot of experience in non IT industries, and are business people foremost and IT types secondly. We are also all over the age of 40, so we all started work before computers really entered the work place.

Julian Tandy, the manager, is currently the only full time employee, and has an employment history in exports before becoming fully involved in IT in the early 1990's, and designed his first commercial intranet in 1994, (before browsers could properly display pictures). Other services are provided ad-hoc by people all over the world, centrally co-ordinated by Julian. Text and words are provided by Caryl in South Wales, who, apart from having run amongst other businesses a market stall, was ranked in the top 100 for Scrabble in the UK. Graphic work is often outsourced to Australia, server space to Canada, Java programming is done in the Netherlands and database technical help can come from the South West of England. When needed, we have access to an expert in most IT fields, somewhere in the world.

Our methods are those of a traditional service business, not a modern uncaring IT company, yet our results are mainly achieved via the most modern of IT media, the Internet and e-commerce.

If you would like to learn more about us then please browse through this small website and then contact us via phone, e-mail, in person, or fill in the form.  Contact Us.

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